Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Intertextual Paralogues for 4.14.10

New “series” here at Notes. Each week (theoretically), a list of similarly-themed “must read” articles will be posted with the goal of connecting the ideas/thoughts from the separate articles in such a way to increase understanding of the world, as well as generate conversations and dialogues about content of said articles. Hooray for big words.

Today: postmdoernism’s intersection with the American Presidency + postmodernism/social science’s influence on big-L liberalism. Happy reading.

A Postmodern Presidency by Victor Davis Hanson

“So what Obama has done is ‘contextualized’ the world, and ‘located,’ as it were, the seemingly hostile anti-American rhetoric of ‘enemies’ into a proper race/class/gender narrative.”

The Descent of Liberalism by Michael Knox Beran

“Liberalism today has lost this equipoise; the progress of the social imagination, with its faith in the power of social science to improve people’s lives, has forced liberals to relinquish the principles and even the language of the classical conception of liberty.”

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