Friday, April 16, 2010

FoCo Tea Party

Sights from yesterday's Tea Party at Washington Park in Old Town.

There was some pretty good signage going on. I was particularly fond of mine, which read, "Independence Day: July 4, 1776. Declaration of Independence signed by 2nd Continental Congress" on one side, and, "Dependence Day: March 23, 2010. Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act signed by President Obama" on the other. Pretty sweet.

There was a decent crowd, what I thought was around 700 or so. But the Coloradoan reported it was 1,500. It mighta just been me, but it seemed to lack the energy and urgency that last year's party had. The speakers were unimpressive and the whole thing just seemed a little flat. Dunno. Maybe a more detailed post coming.

Anyway, enjoy the pics.

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