Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So a guy with a concealed carry permit walks into a bar...

I'm movin' to Arizona! From the AP:

. . . a new Arizona law that goes into effect Wednesday . . . will allow guns into Arizona bars and restaurants that serve alcohol.

Under the law, backed by the National Rifle Association, the 138,350 people with concealed-weapons permits in Arizona will be allowed to bring their guns into bars and restaurants that haven't posted signs banning them.

Those carrying the weapons aren't allowed to drink alcohol.


  1. Ah, that's a good compromise. (The "aren't allowed to drink alcohol" part.) That was the basic point of the restriction.

    It's sort of like a "carrying under the influence" statute.

  2. Yeah, it makes sense. Really, though, the people who have concealed carry permits aren't the type to drink and shoot anyway. It's not like these people have their six-shooters dangling from their hip, just waiting for someone to piss them off. These people are responsible, self-discipline, law-abiding citizens - not riff raff from Dodge City.