Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Obama Supporter Bit Me! And It’s Still Hurting!

This is an American-success story if I’ve ever seen one. From the AP:

California authorities say a clash between opponents and supporters of health care reform ended with one man biting off another man's finger.

Ventura County Sheriff's Capt. Frank O'Hanlon says about 100 people demonstrating in favor of health care reforms rallied Wednesday night on a street corner. One protester walked across the street to confront about 25 counter-demonstrators.

O'Hanlon says the man got into an argument and fist fight, during which he bit off the left pinky of a 65-year-old man who opposed health care reform.

A hospital spokeswoman says the man lost half the finger, but doctors reattached it and he was sent home the same night.

She says he had Medicare.
Had this happened in the UK or in Canada, this poor man might have had to wait weeks – maybe months – before he could get his finger put back on. Worse, he might have even been forced to die prematurely, as is the case under the NHS. Thankfully for him, though, he lives in America, where emergency health care is still available without the wait list.

I was at the scene in California and captured the incident on camera. This is groundbreaking stuff. Enjoy.

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