Tuesday, August 25, 2009

". . . the future belongs to those who show up for it."

Many stories, articles and happenings to post about today, but this one seemed to jump out at me more than the others. This also augments my "Dying to Be Green" post from a few days ago. From SteynOnline (where else?), I give you "Brewing and Breeding". Truly a great, yet harrowing, read.

Britain has a below-replacement fertility rate; its population increase depends entirely on immigrants and their children. If Scots and Ulstermen and the like are despoiling the planet, you can tie their tubes. But their place in the maternity ward will be taken by Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, and even some virtuous Ethiopians: As Europe already knows, no matter how fast you self-extinguish, First World infrastructure does not stay empty. Ethiopia comes to you: Abyssinia in all the old familiar places.

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