Monday, October 4, 2010

All the Sexy Halloween Costumes Have Daddy Issues

Steve Silverstein, president and CEO of costume retailer Spirit Halloween, is an unlikely source for commentary on the critical influence fathers have in the lives of their children. But here he is, explaining the basic relational needs of boys and girls and what happens when those needs aren’t properly met by daddy, via the Halloween costume framework:

“Guys want to be funny or horrific so they stand out at the party. . . . Girls want to be beautiful, and when they grow up they want to be sexy.”

Translation: Guys want to be noticed and important, seeking to add value, worth and creativity to their societal and social surroundings. When they don’t learn from their fathers what that significance should look like, they resort to slapstick, superficial means to achieve that end.

Girls need to know they are loved and beautiful. If this security, love and acceptance isn’t firmly established by the dad, she will play up her sexiness so that other men will give her that attention and appreciation. Even if that means dressing like a mini-skirted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

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